Imagine Having a Real Life Millionaire Help You Set Up a Business That Pays You EVERYDAY in Dollar...

’Stand Over My Shoulder for 2 Days & Watch Me Make Thousands of Dollars Right in Front of You’’

...then use the same templates, formula and systems to make your own in 30 days or less – doing the same thing I do!

Unsolicited Review From Participants Of The February Online2Wealth Bootcamp


 I make thousands of dollars weekly doing this business myself, so this is NOT a case of someone teaching you how to fish when they can’t handle a fishing line.

No B.S

I am not going to sell you any petty eBook or video training, I’ll fix a meeting with you, and I will show you everything I do FACE TO FACE – for 3 whole days, with me and you in the same room. And you will see me make money from this business – LIVE, right in front of you. Someone who is not 100% legit will never do that.


And during the first day of our LIVE meeting, if you feel dissatisfied with everything I am teaching you – at any point, or you feel it can’t make you a lot of money this year, stand up...tell me and I will pay for every dime you spent on the meeting plus your transportation to the event, and even apologize for wasting your time


The best part? This business is totally different from most of the online business you’ve ever heard of because it is guaranteed to work (if you do everything I ask you to) plus it allows you make money in hard currency. No Ponzi. No MLM. 100% PURELY legal.

‘’If this sounds like something you’ll like to explore, continue reading’’.

From the Desk of Victory Akpos

Lekki, Lagos.

Dear friend;

Imagine if you started making money in dollars...and spending it in naira.

Now, imagine if you made that money – daily.

And then imagine if you are able to do as much as $1,000 – Consistently. And comfortably. Almost every day.

1 dollar is about ₦361.

Which means if you start doing $1,000, right now – even if it was just EVERY week, at the end of the month you would have made EXACTLY one million, four hundred and forty four thousand naira (₦1,444,000)

Imagine if you are able to get these matter how hard the country matter if you never finished university....and no matter if you have never made that much in your life, ever before

I Know This Sounds Completely Unbelievable...

...I know that, right now, that tiny voice in your head is saying ‘’hell no, this can’t be true’’. 

Or, ‘’Lies, I am sure he is not making that much money himself. Scam!!!’’.

In a few minutes, I am going to prove to you that it is 100% possible to make that much money LEGITIMATELY from Nigeria working just 2 hours every day from a computer,

but first –

Let me prove to you that I am not ‘’full of wash’’

My name is Victory Akpos, just 6 years ago I was exactly in your shoes – COMPLETELY sceptical of anyone who said they would teach me how to make money, especially online.

To me it was all lies – and only sold by people who don’t even do what they teach.

And if anyone told me that you would be able to make 2x what a bank manager makes in 2 Months in just a day – just like you, I’d think it was a lie too.

But here is a Screenshot of Just One Day in My Affiliate Marketing Business

$5,000 is ₦1.8M. All made in one day. Working just 2 hours on my laptop.

But here are more Screenshot of over ₦7M in less than a Week

Watch me log into my Jvzoo Account in this quick video to see how profitable this business I am about to show you can be.

Why I’m I showing you all this? 

Because I want you to take the next thing you are about to read very seriously. 

They will change your life

A Waiter in New York Makes an Average of $8.78 per Hour

If he works just 5 hours every day he would make $43.9 in a day.

In 5 working days he would make exactly $219.5 (in one week).

In One month he would have made $878.

This is about ₦316,958 serving drinks in a bar! (minus tips; some of them get as much as $500 per month in tips)

Now imagine what a civil servant would make.  

My Point?

Nigeria is hard!

The reason you don’t make as Much Money as you’d want is not because you don’t Work Hard Enough

  • It is not because you are lazy....  
  • It is because from the onset, the system has been rigged for you to fail.

While a waiter in New York makes ₦316,958 a month....a waiter in Nigeria makes ₦15, 000!

When You Compare The Realities Here, To These Figures I am Showing You Below They Seem so IMPOSSIBLE....

More Earnings from My Business


So I completely understand where you are coming from when you say it is not possible to make ₦1,444,000 every month.


But when you realize that if you are earning your money in dollars it is easier.

 It allows you hit millions of naira – fast, and repeatedly, Because Selling to foreigners is 10x easier – and they have money, ready to spend.


....then you begin to see the picture

All you need is simply sell them the Right Thing They want to buy...


...and you’d begin to make such an insane amount of money in a short period of time that it will leave you completely speechless. would even be able to make enough money to afford to buy a house like this in the best part of your town – just like I have!

Resign from your job and take a vacation to any part of the world, just like I do

"And have everyone who wrote you off come crawling back to you, looking for your face and marvelling at how successful you have become!"


The Question I Know Is Going On In Your Head Right Now Is:

How Do I Start Earning In Dollars From Right Here In Nigeria?

This is where I come in.

In the past 2 years I have made over half a million dollars selling to foreigners, and I have gotten all that result from my home in Lagos, without setting a foot in the US. Just me, my laptop and an internet connection.


 I have also helped over 50 persons kick start this business for themselves in their spare time till it made them just enough to resign from their jobs and afford to never need one again

And more than 10 of them have gone on to become millionaires themselves.

This is why I am called ‘’the millionaire maker’’

Here is What Some of Them Say About Me...

This is why I am called ‘’the millionaire maker’’


The International

Software Affiliate


Some years ago;

I realized that thousands and thousands of business people around the world buy software every day to help them run their business better.

And the people who sell them these software are usually ‘’affiliates’’

These affiliates don’t even make the software themselves.


#1. They simply go to some selected websites, pick one product and then go out and promote it to these thousands of people waiting to buy.

And one website where affiliates go to find already made software they can sell is called



 In return they are given a percentage of the sales by the product owner. So if the product value is $97, and the commission is 50% - You get paid $48.5 for selling one of it.

Which means that if you make 100 sales, you go home with $4,850

And If you are the product owner yourself (Yes, you can have a software built for you even if you have zero coding skills), you can have hundreds of affiliates sell your software for you – and sending you daily affiliate sales

In some of Such Launches, I usually do Solid 6 Figure in Sales

The best part,

I make all these INCREDIBLE number of software sales without leaving my house....without walking to anyone and begging them to buy...

SIMPLY send one email, make sales and profit. Then Rinse & repeat. 

It is So Simple ANYONE can do it...

For instance - Joe

 Joe was a school teacher before he came for one of my meetings. He would finish his day job as a Secondary school teacher and then jump straight into his evening job as a tutor in a lesson centre around his house.


...he literally had no time, and he desperately needed an extra source of income. 

But by working just 2 hours every few nights he was able to make his first 2 million naira from this business, and has gone on to do more figures over time. 

and Joshua

Who already had an offline business in a car wash, was struggling to make enough money every month to cover his bills...and at the point he came to me he was burning with the desire to succeed and not much money in the bank. 


….plus he wasn’t even computer literate at the time...

but still he was able to hit his first million in just two month and has gone on to make more money. 

So it doesn’t matter what your situation is, or what you feel will hold you back. This will work for you, all you need is simply listen to me speak first.

So here is what I am going to Teach You in Our 2 Days Live Face to Face Meeting

Hot Info #1: 

The $100,000 Blueprint [Value: 200, 000 Naira]

This is the part where I will hold you by the hand, and for 2days, show you everything about how to set up an international software affiliate business from scratch, so you can start making money by next weekend.

This is the part where I will hold you by the hand, and for 2 days, show you everything about how to set up an international software affiliate business from scratch, so you can start making money by next weekend.

I only do this about a few times every year, and I don’t know when I’d ever do this again this year.


But if you would want 2020 to be your best year yet everything I share with you in those 2 days would be literally EVERYTHING you will need to make an insane amount of money this year, this is because it is EXACTLY the very same things that have made me as successful as I am today.


All the secrets, all the templates, systems and formula I use in my affiliate marketing business wrapped up and handed over to you, so you can copy and paste them for your own use.


Usually when I want to do this I overhear people ask: ‘’why is he giving out his secrets’’. The reason is simple. Nigeria is messed up, I want you to live in Nigeria and still make as much money as someone living abroad.


So why don’t I make it free? Simple, because you don’t expect me to leave my business and sit with you for 2 days teaching you FOR FREE....if I have to do it, then it has to pay for itself.


In fact, if you expect this to be free – kindly leave this webpage now, I don’t think you are someone i’d want to work with.

Hot Info #2: 

Buyer Vault System [Value: 200, 000 Naira]

This is the part where I teach you How to build a huge list of foreign buyers from tier one countries who have credit card in hand ready to buy from you – without stress, or spending crazy amount of money running ads.

And here is why this is so important...

Tier one countries include: America, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.


The minimum wages in these country are so high that getting them to buy a $49 (18,179) product, for example, is a breeze in the park....because in most cases this is just about what they earn in a single day, or sometimes in just a few hours 


Now imagine having a list of 7,000 people like this that you can contact everyday to buy a product of say - $49, who can easily give it to you once you sell them the right stuff.


If only just 30 out of the 7,000 buy that $49 product, you’d have grossed $1,470.


Which is more than 530,000 naira!


This is why building a list of buyers, who trust, like you and are loyal to buying from you is the best thing you’d ever do. And I’ll show you exactly how to go about doing it without making crazy mistakes that will cost you time & alot of money.

Hot Info #3: 

Buyers Conversion Triggers [Value: 150, 000 Naira] 

I’ll show you exactly the kind of messages to send to these buyers and when to send it that is guaranteed to hold their attention and make them buy.

Because, what need is a list of buyers to you if you can’t persuade them to buy.

This is why I’ll share with you all my secrets on how to turn them into raving fans so that they pick up almost ANYTHING you sell to them. Hands down.

You see, the way people in these countries see things and the way we see things over here are VERY different, so if you try to sell to them with them the same way you’d have sold to Nigerians – no one will buy.

When I learnt this and then learnt the triggers that get them to buy, and how to write in such a way that they are actually triggered to buy – everything changed for me.

Hot Info #4: 

3-4 Figure Per Day Affiliate Model [Value: 250, 000 Naira] 

Look, you don’t necessarily have to learn this business DIRECTLY from can actually go on and try to figure everything out for yourself. A lot of people do that, they see what I am doing....then they set off on their own to try and copy me, but they usually return because they get no results.

For one year I didn’t get much results myself, not until I finally figured out a simple ‘’3-4 Figure Per day Affiliate’’ model

This powerful model ensures you hit the ground and start making 3 – 4 figure sales in dollars – daily, as an Affiliate! From your house right here in Nigeria.

And when we meet, I will hand this model over to you to copy and use. 

Using just this one model automatically cuts the time it would take for you to be successful with affiliate marketing by more than half – guaranteed.

Hot Info #5: 

Hot Product Finder [Value: 100, 000 Naira] 

I will also show you a ‘’secret strategy’’ I use to select hot-selling products to promote in your affiliate business every day.

Over the past 5 years I have promoted more than 1,319 products in my affiliate marketing business. Right now I know what trash is, what would make you insane amount of money and the kind of products to avoid.

And if you want to succeed this is ONE very important skill you need to learn too.  

When you promote the WRONG products to your list of buyers – they will never buy from you again...

In fact, this part is so important that if you don’t take it seriously it can cripple your affiliate marketing business before it even starts.

But if you know exactly what to push and what to avoid you will find yourself making money from happy customers who will trust your recommendation over anyone else’s.

Hot Info #6: 

The Ultimate Product Launch Formula [Value: 100, 000 Naira] 

One product launch in the international market has the power of changing EVERYTHING for you and making you more money in a few days than you have ever made in 2 years.

Imagine doing a solid $30,000 in just 2 days. 

That is 10.8 Million naira.

This is not wash, I have done it.

Uduala Launch - $111,000+

YouTargetr Launch - $110,000+

Videract Launch - $120,000+

I will show you how to find people to build your software for you from scratch at a good price, then I’ll give you my ultimate product launch formula to use to launch it so you can sell it like a cold drink on a hot afternoon in the middle of the desert.


 I have had loads of 6 figure launches tucked neatly away under my belt, done consistently – back to back, so you will be getting a ruggedly tested fool-proof and absolutely sure-fire system proven to work.

So In a Nutshell

Here is What You Get.

  • The $100,000 Blueprint [Value: 200, 000 Naira]
  • Buyers’ Vault System [Value: 200, 000 Naira]
  • The Buyers’ Conversion Trigger. [Value: 150,000 Naira]
  • 3-4 Figure Per Day Affiliate Model [Value: 250,000 Naira] 
  • Hot Product Finder [Value: 100,000 Naira]
  • The Ultimate Product Launch Formula [Value: 500,000].

Which is a total value of 1.4 Million naira


But because I want to help serious people start this business TODAY, 

I’ll not Charge you even half of that for All That Information...

+ Plus There's More

You also get:

Bonus #1

VIP Access to a $1,389 Bonus Chest: [Naira Value: 501,429 Naira]

If you want to make a killing in this business, one thing you need is a bonus chest. Here is why.

While trying to sell to people, other marketers will be trying to sell THE SAME PRODUCT to THE SAME CUSTOMERS. how do you stand apart, and make your own offer more attractive?

You guessed right...bonuses, which is why I will give you my own war chest of bonuses that will make your own offer COMPLETELY irresistible. With this you can knock the competition on the head and ethically steal their customers from under their nose.

These bonus chest contains over 200 custom made apps, software and plugin I have bought over the past 4 years but I will hand everything over to you so you can give them out for free to anyone who buys from you.

I personally invested more than $1,389 in buying all of them, but I’ll give them to you ABSOLUTELY FREE

Bonus #2

VIP Access to 300 Tested Swipes: [Naira Value: 150,000 Naira]

Asides teaching you how to write killer marketing materials that will make people buy, all by yourself...I will also hand you 300 already-written email swipes, already tested and proven to work in multiple niches...

These are hand-picked email swipes that have brought in the most results for me in the past, and handed over to you so you can edit, copy and paste to get insane results from

If you were to get a copywriter to write this from scratch, with all the persuasion triggers you’d have to pay way more than 150,000 naira for it but I will give you all of them for FREE, just for paying for the meeting.

Giving you all these is like throwing the door wide open and showing you my most precious business secrets. And the only reason I am willing to go this far and over deliver is because if you will pay for this I want to make sure I give you results – FAST

Bonus #3

60,000 Custom Audience of JVZOO Buyers

ONE thing that will make you EXTREMELY successful in this business is a huge email list of people guaranteed to buy.

 Now imagine if you sell wedding rings, and you are handed a list of men who have plans of proposing next week. It’d be way easier convincing them to buy a ring from you than trying to convince someone who doesn’t have plans of getting married.

This is why this 60,000 custom audience of JVZOO Buyers is absolutely priceless.

It is a huge list of 60,000 real human beings who have bought from Jvzoo vendors again and again, so you can target them on Facebook – build your list FAST,

And I am going to give you all 60,000 custom audience for FREE, when you come for our live meeting. Plus step by step instructions on how to use them

So Here's a Recap of What You Get.

  • The $100,000 Blueprint [Value: 200, 000 Naira]
  • Buyers’ Vault System [Value: 200, 000 Naira]
  • The Buyers’ Conversion Trigger. [Value: 150,000 Naira]
  • 3-4 Figure Per Day Affiliate Model [Value: 250,000 Naira] 
  • Hot Product Finder [Value: 100,000 Naira]
  • The Ultimate Product Launch Formula [Value: 500,000].


  •  $1,389 Bonus Chest: [Naira Value: 501,429 Naira]
  • 300 Tested & Proven Swipes [Value: 150, 000 Naira
  • 60,000 Custom Audience of JVZOO Buyers [Priceless]

Total Value of What you get:

[2.5 Million Naira +]

But Of Course, I Know Not Everyone Can Afford 2.5 Million Naira for this

If I decide to sell this information for what it is worth, it will be completely out of reach for a lot of people, especially with all the economic issues in the country. And I wouldn’t want that.

I want to put this into as many hands as possible.

But at the same time, I just don’t want just anybody. I am looking for rugged action takers who will implement everything i will show them

Plus if I have to sit down with you for 2 days, and show you EVERYTHING about this the affiliate marketing business...including my most prized secrets of doing this successfully, then I have to make it really worth it for me. If not I wouldn’t be motivated to put in all that work to stand and teach everything for 2 DAYS

And the truth is, even if I sold this for 2 million, or even 1.5 Million it still wouldn’t be overpriced

But again, I won’t charge you that either.

I am just going to charge an affordable fee any serious minded person can afford, and at the same time – motivate me to want to even sit down and do this.

So here is what you pay today:

Total Value of: 2.5 Million Naira+ 

Today Price: N150,000

Only 21 Spots Available

And if you’re Not 100% Satisfied...  Neither Am I.

I get it. Nigeria is hard. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in any product where you are promised to make money from. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that will make you look stupid when you tell people how you spent money on it and it didn’t get you any results.


But I’m super proud of the teachings I dish out and I know anyone who pays for this 2 Day Live meeting and implements the strategy will be thrilled they took the decision.


That’s why I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. This starts counting from the event hall, if at anytime during the live training you feel what I am teaching you will not make you an insane amount of money – let me know, I will refund EVERY SINGLE dime you paid, and also pay your transport back home.


That is how sure I am that you will absolutely love this.

I'll have you signing'..."I've got 99 problems but Money Ain’t One!’’

Hear What Previous Participants Of This Exact Coaching Program Have To Say... (And they even paid higher!)

Seriously, is going back to Continually Earning in Naira even an Option....Especially Now You Have an Opportunity to Make Money in Dollars?

People who used to struggle in Nigeria leave the country and start building a house back home In Nigeria and sending back cars the next year, and they are able to afford all this just because they have the opportunity to earn in dollars and spend it in Naira.


And right here, I am giving you the opportunity to get the same results they do – without going through the stress of trying to get a visa, or doing the dirty menial jobs they do over there.


Heck, with the money you make from this you will be able to comfortably afford to apply for a visa if that is what you want.

And even if leaving the country isn’t your thing, you be able to afford to live in the best part of the type of car you want...and never have to worry about money ever again!

So Here's a Recap of What You Get.

  • The $100,000 Blueprint [Value: 200, 000 Naira]
  • Buyers’ Vault System [Value: 200, 000 Naira]
  • The Buyers’ Conversion Trigger. [Value: 150,000 Naira]
  • 3-4 Figure Per Day Affiliate Model [Value: 250,000 Naira] 
  • Hot Product Finder [Value: 100,000 Naira]
  • The Ultimate Product Launch Formula [Value: 500,000].


  •  $1,389 Bonus Chest: [Naira Value: 501,429 Naira]
  • 300 Tested & Proven Swipes [Value: 150, 000 Naira
  • 60,000 Custom Audience of JVZOO Buyers [Priceless]

Total Value of: 2.5 Million Naira+ 

Today Price: N150,000

Only 21 Spots Available


This Is The FIRST & LAST Time I'm Doing This 1-On-1 Training Program At This Price, Once We Sell Out This Round, We'll Be More Than Quadrupling The Price...

SAVE OVER 200% By Reserving Your Spot Today!

Start Working With Victory Immediately... Today!

YES! I Want To Be Part of Victory's Brand New 1-On-1 Coaching Program. Count me in, I want Victory to personally train me 1-On-1 for 2 days and have access to his help and insight to take my business to where I've always wanted. I realize this is on a first come, first serve basis and I want to RESERVE My Spot Right Now!

Here Is How Claim 1 Out Of The 21 Spots;
Make a payment of N149,999 into the bank details below

Account Name:          SupremeWEB Solutions Limited
Account Number:     0117440622
Bank Name:                GT Bank


Lagos; March 4th - 5th, 2021

Here is a scope of what this one-on-one training covers.

==> Affiliate Marketing
I will teach you everything need to know about affiliate marketing, set a couple of affiliate campaigns with you and for you, give you all the resources you need to get started.

==> Foreign list building
I will teach you practically how to go from 0 to getting 100+ tier 1 country leads in 24 hrs and how to build your own lucrative email list on demand.

==> Product creation and Launching
I will show you how to research simple hot product ideas, how to source for competent programmers to develop your ideas into a software product, how to get the product to the marketplace and launch either on W+ or the JVZoo marketplace.

==> Guaranteed launch spot with me for a very solid product of yours.

Yuppy! That's ALL.

Note: After making your payment kindly send us an email here with your Name, Phone number & proof of payment to or text us at 08031977935.

All the best!

NOTE: There’s also an online video training version covering the same content of this 2 days live coaching in a step by step manner for those who can’t make it to Lagos. So you can be a part of this opportunity irrespective of your location. Simply proceed with the payment and you’ll get access to the online training platform.

If you have an questions or Inquiries call 08031977935